Benjamin does photography, graphic design, and creative direction. Based in Brooklyn, New York.

Available for any and all assignments.



Benjamin Lieber is a multi-media visual artist and musician living in Brooklyn, New York. Born upstate in Buffalo, he started playing music at a young age. He became a founding member of the rock band Head North out of high school, and started touring the country, doing a plethora of large national touring. Benjamin started a solo project called Marigold, writing & performing entirely himself. His solo project brought him into new lights through other national tours in the following years as well. His interests spread to photography and visual art, as he started to have more of a hand in the artistic direction of both his musical endeavors. This passion grew into a full career- Entirely self-taught, Benjamin is now a full time self-employed visual artist, as well as a hired touring musician.


Head North (Drumming, Songwriting, Visual Direction, Business Management)

Marigold (Entirety of Songwriting, All musical Performance, Business Management)

Have Mercy (Hired Touring Drummer)

WATERMEDOWN (Studio & Live Drumming)